Table 3

 Odds ratio and 95% confidence intervals from longitudinal analyses for the period 6–18 months after the intervention for sore eyes, headache and back pain

OR (95% CI)
*Main effect of intervention measured as odds ratio of having a symptom between the plancha and open fire groups.
†Change of odds over time per 6 months during follow-up for each symptom independent of intervention.
Sore eyes in past month
    Plancha/open fire*0.18 (0.11 to 0.29)
    Time†0.63 (0.50 to 0.82)
Headache in past month
    Plancha/open fire*0.63 (0.42 to 0.94)
    Time†0.69 (0.55 to 0.85)
Back pain in past month
    Plancha/open fire*0.85 (0.52 to 1.39)
    Time†0.63 (0.49 to 0.81)