Table 1

 Categories of food used within the model, together with consumption and nutritional data for the UK

FoodstuffItems taxed in different modelsContribution to total dietary consumption
1: Saturated fat2: SSCg3d3: Best outcomeSaturated fat (g)Salt (mg)
Main categories are shown in bold type; subcategories are shown in plain type.
Data taken from the National Food Survey, 2000, for the UK17.
Milk and cream
    Whole milkYesYes8.6
    Skimmed milksYes5.5
    Yogurt and fromage frais1.0
Cheese YesYesYes10.34.3
Carcase meat
    Beef and veal3.40.4
    Mutton and lamb1.7
Other meat and meat products
    Bacon and hamYesYes2.47.8
    Poultry, uncooked2.10.8
Fresh fish 0.20.6
Processed and shell fish 0.10.3
Prepared fish 0.41.0
Frozen fish 0.30.8
Eggs 1.00.8
    Low fat and dairy spreadsYesYes4.52.3
    Vegetable and salad spreadsYesYes2.1
Sugar and preserves YesYes
Fresh potatoes
Other fresh vegetables
Processed vegetables
    Processed potatoes, inc frozen4.13.1
Fresh fruit 0.3
Other fruit and fruit products 0.7
Bread 0.713.6
    Cakes, pastries and biscuitsYesYesYes11.45.0
    Breakfast cerealsYes0.35.0