Table 2

 Consumption of dairy products and coffee among cases of exocrine pancreatic cancer with and without K-ras mutations. Mutually-adjusted odds ratios.

OR† (95% CI)p value‡
The first category of each variable is the reference category (OR 1.00).
*Excluding butter.
†Odds ratio adjusted for total energy, age, sex, alcohol and smoking. Dairy products and butter further adjusted for coffee. Coffee further adjusted for milk and other dairy products.
‡Unless otherwise specified, p value derived from the multivariate analogue of Mantel’s extension test for linear trend.
§Likelihood ratio test.
¶Low: rarely or never; medium: several times per month; high: several times per week or daily.
**Low: rarely or never, or several times per month; medium: several times per week; high: daily.
Milk and other dairy products*
    Daily5.10 (1.06–24.52)
    Medium3.39 (0.54–21.42)0.185§
    High2.61 (0.61–11.24)
All dairy products
    Medium5.38 (1.12–25.85)
    High11.56 (1.36–98.55)
    Non-regular drinker1.000.043
    Regular drinker4.66 (1.05–20.71)
    0 cups per week1.000.034
    1–7 cups per week3.30 (0.65–16.79)
    8–14 cups per week5.53 (0.89–34.39)
    ⩾15 cups per week6.56 (1.10–39.10)