Table 5

 Factors predicting other responses related to the tsunami

NumberDisturbance items* (st least one item) (among all respondents)Avoidance behaviours† (at least two items) (among all respondents)Smoked or drank more frequently (among all smokers or drinkers, n = 121)Sharing more frequently with friends or family members (among all respondents)
(Row %)ORuORm(Row %)ORuORm(Row %)ORuORm(Row %)ORuORm
ORu, odds ratio is calculated univariately. ORm, odds ratio is obtained by multivariable logistic regression models, using variables significant in the univariate analyses; only significant items were tabulated in the table. Variables that are non-significant in all the univariate analysis were not tabulated in this table, including age, current marital status, LOT score, ever travelled to affected areas, knew someone staying in affected countries then, have relatives living in affected countries then. *Agree/very agree to the disturbance items: The tsunami causes me serious emotional disturbance; I feel horrified by the tsunami; I feel unrest because of the tsunami. †Likely or very likely to the avoidance behaviours: would avoid visiting affected countries because of tsunami; would avoid travelling; would avoid going to seashore; would avoid eating seafood. ‡Variable not used as candidates for the multivariate stepwise regression because of the presence of null cells. NA, not applicable; NS, univariately significant but multivariate non-significant; – unvariately non-significant.
Education level
    Form 3 or below14290.11.0025.41.0010.01.0031.71.00
    Above form 527287.50.7724.40.952.60.2426.80.79
Employment status
    Full time37385.81.00NS23.
    Part time23100.0NA‡34.81.7533.323.25*86.45*34.81.33
    Not employed20792.72.12*29.51.378.74.437.4530.01.06
Religion status
    No religion41988.51.0023.71.00NS2.11.001.0027.91.00
Folk religion1894.42.2133.31.6125.015.50*44.37*38.91.64
Number of times of media exposure per day
Distressful image exposure score (DIES)
    Low (⩽16)19687.21.0022.41.00NS0.00.0025.01.001.00
    Medium (17–20)27889.21.2122.
    High (⩾21)12989.11.2137.52.07**3.41.0040.32.03**1.78*
Weighted visual unrest score (WVUS)
    Low (⩽21)15773.11.001.0010.
    Medium (22–40)31693.04.91***3.00*26.02.90***2.45**3.30.2030.81.88**
    High (⩾41)12596.08.84***3.84*44.46.56***4.58***14.31.0038.42.64***
Distressful content exposure score (DCES)
    Low (⩽18)15580.41.00NS18.81.00NS0.00.0020.11.00NS
    Medium (19–23)33891.72.70***27.31.62*3.20.2133.41.99**
    High (⩾24)11090.92.20*31.82.01*13.61.0030.01.70
Weighted content unrest score (WCUS)
    Low (⩽27)15273.01.001.0013.81.00NS0.0‡NANA14.51.001.00
    Medium (28–46)31792.44.48***2.26*26.72.27*****2.52**
    High (⩾47)13196.911.73***7.92**38.93.98******2.07*
Tsunami caused by human damaging ecosystem
Natural disasters are punishments by God
Major natural disaster would occur in Hong Kong in lifetime
Sharing more frequently with friends or family members
    No difference/disagree42687.31.0019.
Frequency talking with family members/friends about the tsunami (per day)