Table 3

 Responses related to the tsunami

SexAll(χ2 test)p value
Male (n = 292) (%)Female (n = 312) (%)(n = 604) (%)
*Agree or strongly agree to the statements: the tsunami causes me serious emotional disturbance; I feel horrified by the tsunami; I feel unrest because of the tsunami. †“Sometimes” or “Always” to the statements: feel irritated ant angry; feel anxious; feel cautious; have psychosomatic responses because of tsunami. ‡Likely or very likely to the statements: would avoid visiting affected countries because of tsunami; would avoid travelling; would avoid going to seashore; would avoid eating seafood. §Including perspiration, dyspnea, barf, tachycardia.
CIES outcomes
% Non-case (0–8)64.151.857.70.009
% Mild (9–25)30.039.534.9
% Moderate/severe (> = 26)
% Feel irritated and angry when thinking about the tsunami3.
% Feel very jumpy and easily startled when thinking about the tsunami7.215.811.60.001
% Feel watchful and on-guard when thinking about the tsunami31.337.034.20.14
% Reminders of the tsunami resulted in physical reactions§
% Any one of above34.145.339.90.005
Frequency of talking with family members/friends about tsunami (per day)0.68
% <1 times33.230.932.0
% 1–3 times46.950.548.8
% ⩾ 4 times19.918.619.2
Sharing more frequently with friends or family members0.54
% No71.869.670.6
% Yes28.230.429.4
% Agree tsunami caused by damages done to ecosystem*
% Agree natural disasters are punishments by God*30.235.833.20.15
% Agree would encounter major natural disaster in Hong Kong during lifetime*22.321.321.80.78
% Feel emotionally disturbed because of the tsunami†32.148.640.6<0.001
% Feel horrified because of the tsunami†73.185.579.5<0.001
% Feel apprehensive because of the tsunami†<0.001
% Any one of the above†84.592.388.50.003
% Would avoid visiting affected countries because of the tsunami‡22.332.427.50.005
% Would avoid travelling‡18.929.324.30.003
% Would avoid going to seashore‡12.425.419.1<0.001
% Would avoid eating seafood‡11.722.517.3<0.001
% Any one of the above‡40.959.550.5<0.001