Table 1

 Frequency of media exposure during the reference period (26 December 2004 to date of survey) and responses related to the tsunami

Male(n = 292) (%)Female (n = 312) (%)All(n = 604) (%)p Value (χ2 test)Odds ratio* (CIES>26)
*Univariate odds ratios for CIES >26 comparing those with media exposure of >3 times a day with those with exposure <3 times a day, those frequently/very frequently exposed to distasteful ways and contents to those who were not frequently exposed to such and those who were disturbed/much disturbed to images/contents compared with those who were not distributed by such images/contents. †Images. ‡Contents. NA, OR cannot be calculated because of presence of null cells (among those who did not feel unrest, none had CIES⩾26).
% Exposed to media >3 times a day:
TV news43.
Other TV programmes19.923.421.70.292.47**
Video on public transportation vehicles3.*
Any of above57.959.658.80.661.98
% Frequently/very frequently exposed to distressful images:
Buildings/cities being destroyed†
Land flooded by tide†65.166.665.80.701.00
Dead bodies (near shot)†21.225.623.50.202.68**
Dead bodies (distance shot)†45.941.343.50.261.60
Crying victims†58.264.761.60.101.52
Injured children†43.251.347.40.052.04*
Loss/seeking of family members†56.564.460.60.051.43
% Distribution much disturbed by images:
Buildings /cities being destroyed†51.071.961.8<0.0013.51**
Land flooded by tide†51.769.861.0<0.0012.66*
Dead bodies (near shot)†52.462.857.80.014.21**
Dead bodies (distance shot)†47.365.156.5<0.0014.46***
Crying victims†57.976.567.4<0.0014.09**
Injured children†50.772.762.0<0.0016.75***
Loss/seeking of family members†55.575.265.7<0.0012.95*
% Frequently/very frequently exposed to contents:
Missing Hong Kong people‡72.967.
Outbreak of epidemics‡59.961.260.60.751.04
Rising death tolls‡84.283.383.80.761.56
Rotten dead bodies‡50.059.354.80.021.49
Insufficient supply for relief work‡53.454.554.00.791.73
Lack of food/shelter‡72.675.674.20.392.88*
Children abducted‡27.435.
Riot or rape cases‡15.823.
% Distribution much disturbed by contents:
Missing Hong Kong people‡57.574.766.4<0.0017.66**
Outbreak of epidemics‡55.169.562.5<0.0015.11**
Rising death tolls‡64.477.971.4<0.00119.21**
Rotten dead bodies‡<0.0015.78***
Insufficient supply for relief work‡45.559.252.60.0014.50***
Lack of food / shelter‡64.676.070.50.002NA
Children abducted‡<0.0018.23***
Riot or rape cases‡48.859.354.20.013.59**