Table 2

 Relationship between employment transitions and psychological distress*

OR95% CIOR95% CI
*Models are adjusted for current age (time, t), psychological distress, limiting illness, marital status, caring status, home ownership and manual occupational class (all measured at time, t−1).
†Reference categories are “stay employed” for models of transitions from employment to non-employment, and “stay non-employed” for models of transitions from non-employment to employment.
Transition from employment to
Unemployment3.152.50 to 3.982.601.97 to 3.43
Retirement0.950.64 to 1.631.150.83 to 1.60
Family care1.721.45 to 2.05
Transition to employment from
Unemployment0.520.41 to 0.680.680.51 to 0.92
Family care0.980.69 to 1.40