Table 3

 Area-level variation in all-cause mortality for each spatial unit comprising the Australian Standard Geographical Classification: men and women aged 25–64 years, 1998–2000

Model 5Model 6Model 7Model 8
Est, estimate; SLA, statistical local areas; SSD, statistical subdivisions.
Model 5: adjusted for within-SLA variation in age only.
Model 6: adjusted for within-SLA variation in age and variation at the SSD, statistical division and state/territory levels.
Model 7: model 6 adjusted for within-SLA variation in occupation and between-SLA variation in area-disadvantage.
Model 8: model 7 and a cross-level interaction between occupation and area-disadvantage.
*p⩽0.1; †p⩽0.01; ‡p⩽0.05. Significance based on Wald-like tests.43,44
Level 5: states and territories0.0580.033*0.0520.028*0.0520.028*
Level 4: statistical divisions0.0130.007*0.0060.0040.0060.004
Level 3: SSD0.0170.006†0.0070.004*0.0070.004*
Level 2: SLA0.1530.012†0.0530.007†0.0330.005†0.0330.005†
Level 1: cell dispersion1.310.0111.370.0111.220.0101.220.010
Level 5: states and territories0.0530.03*0.0590.034*0.0590.033*
Level 4: statistical divisions0.0050.0060.0180.009‡0.0170.009‡
Level 3: SSD0.0260.008†0.0160.006†0.0160.006†
Level 2: SLA0.1080.013†0.0160.006†0.0090.005*0.0080.005*
Level 1: Cell dispersion1.210.0101.