Table 1

 Characteristics of male veterans and non-veterans in the NHIS-NDI, National Health Interview Survey-National Death Index

Veterans (n = 104 026)Non-veterans (n = 216 864)
—, not applicable.
*Weighted percentages.
Age (years)
Marital status
    Never married7.3621.20
Living arrangements
    With others87.4387.65
    <12 years17.4122.51
    ⩾12 years82.5977.49
Employment status
    Not in labour force35.4018.92
Region of residence
Place of residence
Self-rated health
Body mass index
    Underweight (0.0–19.9 kg/m2)2.504.46
    Normal weight (20.0–24.9 kg/m2)34.2540.80
    Overweight (25.0–29.9 kg/m2)46.9940.41
    Obese (⩾30.0 kg/m2)16.2614.33
Has at least one chronic non-psychiatric condition51.7538.02
Has at least one psychiatric condition1.532.03
Activity limitations
    Not limited76.3085.03
Military service era
    World War I0.32
    World War II28.01
    Korean conflict15.95
    Vietnam era29.02
    Other service16.79