Table 1 Baseline characteristics of patients surviving a first hospitalisation for acute myocardial infarction in the period 1995–2001 stratified by age, income and education
Age 30–64 yearsAge 65–74 years
Income tertileEducational levelIncome tertileEducational level
Male (%)84.277.767.482.784.367.174.064.455.179.077.456.4
Mean age (years)53.053.756.153.953.655.168.969.670.569.569.369.8
Mean observation period (years)
Living alone (%)19.517.335.121.920.428.028.034.330.724.925.534.5
Drug use before admission
Statins (%)
Beta-blockers (%)9.99.911.59.810.710.414.013.714.813.514.014.4
COPD + asthma (%)
Congestive heart failure (%)
Arrythmia (%)
Cerebrovascular disease (%)
Pulmonary oedema0.
Diabetes (%)5.26.910.
Renal failure (%)
Liver disease (%)
Malignancy (%)
Cardiogenic shock (%)
Admitting hospital type
Cardiac care centre (%)
Main regional hospital (%)64.361.660.962.163.661.162.560.458.060.364.258.4
Local hospital (%)19.523.423.918.521.224.521.125.528.221.319.328.1
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • ∗p<0.05 in univariate test for trend between income levels or educational levels.

  • Claim of prescription within 6 months before index admission.

  • International Classification of Diseases (ICD) version 10 codes: COPD + asthma, J40.x-J46.x; congestive heart failure, I50.x; arrythmia, I46.x-I49.x; cerebrovascular disease, I60.x-I69.x; pulmonary oedema, J18.2, J81.x; diabetes, E10.x-E14.x; renal failure, N17.x-N19.x, I12.x, I13.x, R34.x, T85.8, T85.9, Z99.2; liver disease, K70.x-K77.x; malignancy, C00.x-C97.x; cardiogenic shock, R57.x.

  • §Coronary-artery bypass surgery or percutaneous coronary intervention within 6 months of admission (Danish version of the Nordic Classification of Surgical Procedures: KFN.x).