Table 1 Sample selection: exclusions and inclusions from the All Time Top 1000 Albums
Number (%)
Albums1000 (100.00)
        Compilation albums2 (0.20)
        Soundtracks9 (0.90)
        Additional albums by artists already included*222 (22.20)
    Included767 (76.70)
Individuals (from 767 albums)1285 (100.00)
        Excluded genre†78 (6.07)
        Not from North America or Europe40 (3.11)
        Classed as a missing person1 (0.08)
    Included1166 (90.74)
Missing data (from 1166 individuals)
    No nationality and date of birth36 (3.09)
    No nationality2 (0.17)
    No date of birth64 (5.49)
Included (final sample)1064 (91.25)
  • *Where additional albums included new band members such individuals were also included in the final dataset.

  • †Genres: R&B (rhythm and blues), rock, electronica, new age, punk and rap were included and bluegrass, blues, vocal, celtic, country, folk, jazz and spoken word were excluded.