Table 3

 Negative binomial regression models for rate of psychotropic drug prescriptions by post-downsizing status and occupational status before downsizing

Post-downsizing statusNon-manualManual
Participants (n)Rate ratio (95% CI)p ValueParticipants (n)Rate ratio (95% CI)p Value
Rate ratios and 95% confidence intervals (CI) are adjusted for age, education and local government.
    Employed in non-downsized group32851.0016761.00
    Employed in downsized group2541.87 (1.11–3.12)0.026781.70 (1.12–2.60)0.01
    Lost or left their job during downsizing4671.40 (0.94–2.08)0.092582.16 (1.24–3.76)0.007
    Employed in non-downsized group105451.0020931.00
    Employed in downsized group29851.20 (1.04–1.37)0.018660.84 (0.64–1.10)0.21
    Lost or left their job during downsizing29291.15 (1.01–1.32)0.046130.71 (0.53–0.94)0.01