Table 2

 Negative binomial regression models for rate of psychotropic drug prescriptions and other prescriptions by post-downsizing status

Post-downsizing statusParticipants (n)Psychotropic drugOther prescriptions
Rate ratio (95% CI)p ValueRate ratio (95% CI)p Value
Rate ratios and 95% confidence intervals (CI) are adjusted for age, education, occupational status and local government.
    Employed in non-downsized group49611.001.00
    Employed in downsized group9321.49 (1.10–2.02)0.0091.03 (0.94–1.12)0.54
    Lost or left their job during downsizing7251.64 (1.19–2.25)0.0021.16 (1.06–1.27)0.002
    Employed in non-downsized group126381.001.00
    Employed in downsized group38511.12 (1.00–1.27)0.050.99 (0.95–1.02)0.50
    Lost or left their job during downsizing35421.05 (0.93–1.19)0.420.97 (0.94–1.01)0.11