Wednesday 13th September
Cochrane Lecture (Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre)
Cochrane on communism; influence of ideology on search for evidence
M McKee
Tea and Coffee (Parkinson Court)
Plenary Session I
Aspirin and folate for the prevention of recurrent colorectal adenomas—results from a multicentre factorial trial
M Grainge et al (A1)
The effect of socioeconomic deprivation and other prognostic factors on the treatment of and survival from breast cancer
A Downing et al (A1)
Breast cancer in the family: children’s perspectives of their mother’s cancer and its initial treatment—a qualitative study
S Ziebland et al (A1)
Thursday 14th September
Parallel Session A Lifecourse I (Centenary Gallery 1) Qualitative methods (Centenary Gallery 2) Primary care (Room 108) Child and adolescent health (Room B8) Population health (Room B9)
09.00–09.20Birth weight and adult liver damage in British Women’s Heart and Health Study
 A Fraser et al (A2)Shared clinical decision making in rheumatology: what do the patients think?
 A A M Nicol et al (A3)How adequate are overall measures of patient satisfaction? Evidence from patients experiencing new models of out-of-hours care
 A Burgess et al (A5)Positive two year follow up findings from A Stop Smoking in Schools Trial (ASSIST), the large scale cluster randomised trial of a peer led, school based anti-smoking intervention
 R Campbell et al (A6)The limiting long term illness and general health questions at the 2001 Census: an analysis of self reported health in relation to mortality in the four years following the Northern Ireland Census
 M Rosato et al (A8)
09.25–09.45The association of body mass index measured in childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood with coronary heart disease and stroke risk: findings from four historical cohort studies
 D A Lawlor et al (A2)Using a lifegrid for qualitative interviewing in health
 J C Richardson et al (A3)General practice performance in the first year of the UK’s new “pay for performance” scheme: good clinical practice or gaming?
 T Doran et al (A5)Identifying influential young people for health promotion peer education: the case study of A Stop Smoking in Schools Trial, England and Wales, 2001–2005
 L Moore et al (A7)Determinants of self rated health and mortality in a Russian population sample
 F Perlman (A8)
09.50–10.10The implications for life course research of attrition and bias: evidence from three cohorts in the West of Scotland Twenty-07 Study
 H Tunstall et al (A2)Evaluation of diabetes screening pilots in primary care in England
 E Goyder et al (A4)Primary care quality scores and their relation to hospital admissions
 G Rudge et al (A5)Clarity, commitment and compatibility: teacher perspectives on the implementation of a school based health promotion programme
 S Audrey et al (A7)Predicting coronary heart disease deaths in Beijing in 2010: potential effects of risk factor trends and population aging
 Z Zhechun et al (A8)
10.15–10.35Does age at exposure influence the development of cardiovascular disease following the 1944–1945 Channel Islands’ siege?
 R F Head et al (A2)Decision making about mode of delivery in pregnant women who have previously had a caesarean section: a qualitative study
 J Bell et al (A4)Impact of contractual financial incentives on the ascertainment and management of smoking in primary care
 T Coleman et al (A6)Cerebral palsy and congenital anomalies have the same aetiopathogenesis
 P O D Pharoah (A7)Death CAP? The mortality burden of the Common Agricultural Policy
 S Capewell et al (A9)
10.40–11.00The association between lung function, smoking, and mortality in the West of Scotland Twenty-07 Study: what does it contribute to our understanding of the social patterning of health over the life course?
 M Benzeval et al (A3)An ethnographic approach to evaluation of user involvement in stroke service development
 N Fudge et al (A4)Does distance matter? Geographical variation in the use of general practice out-of-hours services
 J Turnbull et al (A6)Children’s use of bicycle helmets: the effects of socioeconomic and attitudinal factors
 S Gibbs et al (A7)Changes in the distribution of obesity in the UK adult population 1980 to 2003
 D Boniface (A9)
11.00–11.40 Tea and Coffee and Poster Viewing (Parkinson Court) Tea and Coffee and Poster Viewing (Parkinson Court) Tea and Coffee and Poster Viewing (Parkinson Court) Tea and Coffee and Poster Viewing (Parkinson Court) Tea and Coffee and Poster Viewing (Parkinson Court)
Parallel Session B Nutrition and health (Centenary Gallery 1) Inequalities (Centenary Gallery 2) Respiratory health (Room 108) Methods I (Room B8) Psychosocial health (Room B9)
11.40–12.00Associations between breakfast consumption, fibre, and fruit and risk of oesophageal adenocarcinomas, Barrett’s oesophagus, and reflux oesophagitis: results from the FINBAR case-control study
 L Sharp et al (A9)Increasing inequalities in mortality in Scotland by area deprivation, 1981–2001
 AH Leyland et al (A10)Socioeconomic status, particulate air pollution, and mortality
 M Carder et al (A11)Achieving a reasonable response rate from GPs on use of, and need for, referral guidelines
 N Le Maistre et al (A13)Outcomes and service use of vulnerable Service leavers from the British Armed Forces
 L Van Staden et al (A14)
12.05–12.25Healthier Snacks? It’s amazing what raisins can do
 M Mwatsama et al (A9)Does poverty always kill? Poor areas in Britain with relatively low mortality rates
 R Mitchell et al (A11)Rapid early discharge in COPD: a prospective local evaluation with concurrent controls
 Y M Chang et al (A12)Control of anaemia in haemodialysis patients
 K Harris et al (A13)“Masculinity”, “femininity”, “androgyny”, and mortality in late mid-life
 K Hunt et al (A14)
12.30–12.50Does the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme improve children’s diet? A non-randomised controlled trial
 J K Ransley et al (A10)Inequalities in decayed, missing and filled teeth in 5-year old children in Scotland, 1993–2003
 K A Levin et al (A11)Ethnic differences in childhood respiratory health: findings from the Millennium Cohort Study
 L Panico et al (A12)Personal and family names: a proposal of their use by NHS Trusts for the targeting of resources and public health communications
 P Mateos et al (A13)An investigation of the relation between health and perceptions of different components of environmental justice
 A Ellaway et al (A14)
12.55–13.15Meat intake and cancer risk in the UK Women’s Cohort
 E F Taylor et al (A10)Using geodemographics to illustrate health inequalities
 D Dedman et al (A11)Predictors of asthma in children in Ireland: a multivariate analysis of deprivation and social support
 N Fitz-Simon et al (A12)The impact of internal migration on population health in Scotland
 D Brown et al (A13)The relation between acculturation and obesity risk among Asians and Hispanics in California
 H Lee et al (A15)
13.15–14.15 Lunch (Refectory) Lunch (Refectory) Lunch (Refectory) Lunch (Refectory) Lunch (Refectory)
Friday 15th September
Parallel Session C Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (Centenary Gallery 1) Evaluation (Centenary Gallery 2) Health services research (Room 108) Methods II (Room B8) Occupational health and military health (Room B9)
09.00–09.20An 11 year follow up study of mortality and cause of death in 11 125 patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and a non-diabetic comparator group
 K N Barnett et al (A15)The admission of older people to nursing and residential homes in Northern Ireland—a retrospective study of the variations and determinants
 E Pye et al (A16)“Should I stay or should I go?” Making the decision about whether to go to hospital after a 999 call
 A M Porter et al (A18)Measurement of neighbourhood social cohesion in Caerphilly County Borough: an ecometric analysis
 D M Farewell et al (A19)Work related infectious disease: a comparison of information collected by physicians reporting to The Health and Occupation Reporting network (THOR) with data from the Health Protection Agency (HPA)
 A Bolton et al (A21)
09.25–09.45Differences in hypoglycaemia rates in type I and type II diabetes: implications for policymakers
 J Freeman et al (A15)The Winchester Falls Project: a cluster randomised community intervention trial of secondary prevention of falls in community dwelling older people
 S George et al (A17)Socioeconomic inequality in small area use of elective total hip replacement in the English NHS in 1991 and 2001
 R Cookson et al (A18)Evaluating the macro-economic impact of infectious disease
 M R Keogh-Brown et al (A19)Trends in work related disease in the UK: 1996–2004
 S Turner et al (A21)
09.50–10.10Reperfusion in acute myocardial infarction: where and when administered and outcome in 40 000 patients
 R R West et al (A16)Discrimination experienced by people living with HIV in London
 J Elford et al (A17)Assaults with a sharp object resulting in hospital admission, England, 1997 to 2005
 R Maxwell et al (A18)What do missing data tell us? Use of multiple imputation to reduce selection bias in modelling the association of thrombotic markers with incident coronary heart disease: British Women’s Heart and Health prospective cohort study
 M May et al (A20)Occupational exposure to pesticides and solvents and risk of brain tumours in adults
 SJ Hepworth et al (A21)
10.15–10.35Profiling UK hospital mortality rates for acute coronary syndrome patients using the Myocardial Infarction National Audit Project Database
 S O M Manda et al (A16)Development and validation of self completion measures of attitudes towards eating breakfast and breakfast eating behaviours in 9–11 year old schoolchildren
 G Moore et al (A17)Does it matter who takes your call? The effect of attitude to risk on telephone triage decisions
 A O’Cathain et al (A19)Administrative areas: an apposite tool for neighbourhood research?
 M J Kelly et al (A20)The health of UK military personnel who deployed to the 2003 Iraq War
 L Hull et al (A21)
10.40–11.00Regional variation in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus: associations with calorie supply and the prevalence of low birthweight
 G T H Ellison (A16)Relation of height, weight, and body mass index to the risk of primary hip and knee replacements
 B Liu et al (A18)Has NHS Direct Wales eased pressure on other immediate care services?
 W Y Cheung et al (A19)Who get missed out in a longitudinal study based on the census?
 D O’Reilly et al (A20)The impact of deployment on women’s psychological health in the British Armed ForcesR J Rona et al (A22)
11.00–11.40 Tea and coffee and Poster Viewing (Parkinson Court) Tea and coffee and Poster Viewing (Parkinson Court) Tea and coffee and Poster Viewing (Parkinson Court) Tea and coffee and Poster Viewing (Parkinson Court) Tea and coffee and Poster Viewing (Parkinson Court)
Parallel Session D Lifecourse II (Centenary Gallery 1) Mental health (Centenary Gallery 2) Cancer (Room 108) Lifestyle and health Behaviour (Room B8) Maternal and child health (Room B9)
11.40–12.00Sodium intake in infancy and blood pressure at age 7
 M Brion et al (A22)Benchmarking mental health service in London
 P De Ponte et al (A23)Trends in cancer incidence and mortality in the UK 1993–2002
 L Fairley et al (A24)Typologies of alcohol consumption in adolescence: predictors and adult outcomes
 N Cable et al (A26)Ectopic pregnancy: Analysis of trends and reproductive outcomes in a population from 1950 to 1999
 S Bhattacharya et al (A27)
12.05–12.25Environmental tobacco smoke and breast cancer in the Million Women Study
 K Pirie et al (A22)Measuring the multidimensional neighbourhood using UK benefits data: a multilevel analysis of mental health status
 D L Fone et al (A24)Factors predicting receipt of treatment and mortality for patients with cancer of the oesophagus and gastric cardia: a population-based study
 D P Cronin et al (A25)Changes in smoking prevalence and consumption rates in the Republic of Ireland compared with bar worker study before and after the legislative ban on workplace smoking
 B A Greiner et al (A26)The PoNDER Years: Postnatal Depression, Economic Evaluation and Randomised Trial
 C J Morrell et al (A27)
12.30–12.50Parent-child relationships and their impact on physical health among the children of the ALSPAC cohort
 A Waylen et al (A23)Assessment and aftercare of deliberate self harm patients presenting to A&E departments
 P Corcoran et al (A24)Trends in prostate cancer and its management
 S McPhail et al (A25)Was John Reid right? Smoking, class, and pleasure
 I Lang et al (A26)Systematic review of the foetal effects of low-moderate and binge drinking in pregnancy
 J Henderson et al (A27)
12.55–13.15Use of offspring body mass index as an instrumental variable suggests that the causal effect of increased BMI on mortality is underestimated in conventional observational studies
 G Davey Smith et al (A23)Psychological distress in patients with diabetes
 I J Perry et al (A24)Population based trends in PSA testing and prostate cancer presentation
 A Black et al (A25)Women who report sex with women in Britain: national probability data on prevalence, sexual behaviours and health outcomes
 J V Bailey et al (A26)Ethnic differences in breast feeding initiation and continuation in the UK: findings from the Millennium Cohort Study
 Y J Kelly et al (A28)
13.15–14.15 Lunch (Refectory) Lunch (Refectory) Lunch (Refectory) Lunch (Refectory) Lunch (Refectory)
Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre
Plenary Session II
Changing poor rates of attendance in psychiatric out-patient clinics: the Leeds PROMPTS trial
J Kitcheman et al (A28)
Italy: the largest European country to ban smoking in all enclosed places: a first year evaluation
D Galeone et al (A28)
A randomised controlled trial of home-based medication review and lifestyle advice by community pharmacists for patients with heart failure
R Holland et al (A28)
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