Table 5

 Logistic regressions of depression on ecological variables, stratified by race/ethnicity

Black and HispanicWhite, Asian
Odds ratio95% CIOdds ratio95% CI
*p<0.05 **p<0.01. Regressions adjusted for individual sex, race/ethnicity (minority regression only), urbanicity, region, income, education, poverty status, employment status, insurance status, and living alone or with spouse/partner.
Hypothesised ecological causal variables
State social capital index0.490.17, 1.411.130.46, 2.74
State generosity1.000.80,, 1.32
Local income inequality
County log per cent rich0.570.23, 1.430.780.28, 2.19
Ecological confounders
County log unskilled wage1.140.48, 2.701.320.60, 2.92
County/state housing affordability index0.290.06, 1.380.670.16, 2.81
County crime rate1.030.96, 1.120.970.88, 1.06
County unemployment rate0.960.89, 1.040.87**0.78, 0.96
County log per cent black1.210.97, 1.501.010.88, 1.16
County log per cent Hispanic1.010.80, 1.280.910.76, 1.09
County log mean income4.020.60, 26.812.640.49, 4.32
County log mean years of education0.980.60, 1.600.750.47, 1.19
County psych services index0.910.52, 1.572.18**1.21, 3.93
County health services index0.390.07, 2.300.360.06, 2.18
Number of participants22502567
Number of counties414707
Pseudo R20.170.17