Table 3

 Logistic regressions of poor physical health and depression on ecological variables

Poor healthDepression
Odds ratio95% CIOdds ratio95% CI
*p<0.05 **p<0.01. Regressions adjusted for individual sex, race/ethnicity, urbanicity, region, income, education, poverty status, employment status, insurance status, and living alone or with spouse/partner.
Hypothesised ecological causal variables
State social capital index1.090.56, 2.120.970.46, 2.03
State generosity0.84*[0.71, 0.991.020.86, 1.22
Local income inequality
County log per cent rich1.98*1.08, 3.620.740.34, 1.63
Ecological confounders
County log unskilled wage0.900.50, 1.611.200.63, 2.30
County/state housing affordability index1.000.99,, 1.01
County crime rate1.040.96,, 1.07
County unemployment rate1.000.93, 1.060.91**0.84, 0.97
County log per cent black1.020.92,, 1.15
County log per cent Hispanic0.84*0.72, 0.970.930.80, 1.07
County log mean income0.760.26, 2.242.830.69, 11.64
County log mean years of education0.59**0.42, 0.820.820.57, 1.18
County psych services index0.930.60, 1.441.77*1.14, 2.74
County health services index1.800.46,, 1.04
Number of participants48174817
Number of counties855855
Pseudo R20.100.16