Table 2

 Table of correlations among ecological variables

County log per cent blackCounty log per cent HispanicCounty log mean incomeCounty log mean years of educationState social capital indexState generosityCounty psych services index
County log per cent black1.00
County log per cent Hispanic0.071.00
County log mean income0.080.291.00
County log mean years of education0.06−0.150.701.00
State social capital index−0.340.
State generosity−
County psych services index0.380.410.350.
County health services index0.260.470.320.
County log unskilled wage0.160.170.510.440.13−0.060.33
County/state housing affordability index0.05−0.48−0.240.08−0.02−0.54−0.30
County crime rate0.470.260.010.08−0.15−0.200.33
County unemployment rate−0.070.24−0.48−0.66−0.100.04−0.11
County log per cent rich0.170.320.930.740.130.260.44
County health services indexCounty log unskilled wageCounty/state housing affordability indexCounty crime rateCounty unemployment rateCounty log per cent rich
County health services index1.00
County log unskilled wage0.191.00
County/state housing affordability index−0.430.051.00
County crime rate0.
County unemployment rate−0.03−0.26−0.11−0.011.00
County log per cent rich0.380.54−0.230.12−0.461.00