Table 1 Prevalence of chronic conditions (overall) and study outcomes (overall and by chronic condition groups), Canada, ages 12+ years, 2000–01
Population prevalence of conditions (%)Prevalence (%) of study outcomes, overall and by chronic condition
Activity limitationsFair/poor SRHFour or more F/GP visits
Population prevalence11.612.028.5
Chronic condition (by order of overall prevalence)
    Back problems17.518.923.543.6
    High blood pressure12.624.331.256.4
    Heart disease5.039.849.063.3
    Thyroid condition4.824.623.548.7
    Crohn’s disease/colitis/ulcers4.728.834.254.7
    Fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome1.649.352.267.1
    Suffering from effects of stroke1.055.363.267.7