Table 1

 Deaths prevented or postponed by medical and surgical treatments in Ireland in 2000

TreatmentsNumber of eligible patients*% Eligible patients treated†Absolute risk reductionBest estimate (number)Best estimate (%)
*Based on Hospital-In-Patient Enquiry, Central Statistics Office, and General Medical Payments Databases for the year 2000 only.23 †Treatment uptakes are weighted to sex and age groups by the year of death, and therefore not consistent with values in appendix III, and appendix III identifies the sources of treatment uptakes in Ireland for the year 2000 only. ‡This value does not include the additional 47 AMI deaths attributable to treatment effect of 1985. §This value equates to ¶ and ** together and does not include two additional deaths attributable to treatment effect of 1985. ††3763 is total observed fewer CHD deaths in 2000, and 1639 sums up all the individual bold font values. ‡‡These treatments were not generally available in 1985.
Acute myocardial infarction (AMI)3970 166‡ 4.4‡
    Community resuscitation490.110120.3
    Hospital resuscitation990.213320.9
    Primary angioplasty4‡‡0.05680.2
    β blockers330.008110.3
    ACE inhibitors19‡‡0.001110.3
Total secondary prevention 678§ 18.0§
Secondary prevention after infarction37245449¶11.9¶
    β blockers330.012922.4
    ACE inhibitors21‡‡0.012531.4
Secondary prevention after revascularisation244380.028229**6.1**
Chronic angina 317 8.4
    CABG surgery189901000.0091443.8
    Community angina (aspirin+statin)7887375‡‡0.0021283.4
Unstable angina2432 33 0.9
    Aspirin and heparin59‡‡0.012170.5
    Aspirin alone30‡‡0.01380.2
    Platelet IIB/IIIA inhibitors48‡‡0.0078
Heart failure 340 9.1
Hypertension treatment705648370.001 59 1.6
Statins for primary prevention9151696‡‡0.001 46 1.2
Total treatment effects in 2000 1639/3763†† 43.6