Table 2

 Characteristics of cases and controls

Respiratory grouping‡Control diagnoses
*A single respiratory and/or control hospitalisation was chosen randomly. †The lodging value corresponds to the average population value of lodgings. It does not correspond to building value averages, if numerous apartments are present (see Method section “Six digit postal code lodging values”). ‡Respiratory grouping includes ICD-9 codes 460-519. §Control diagnoses includes ICD-9 001-009, 020-139, 240-389, 520-629, 680-739; trauma, tumours, tuberculosis, and circulatory system diseases were excluded. ¶Includes ICD-9 codes 520-579. **Includes ICD-9 codes 580-629.
    Hospital admissions58053926073344262
    Persons hospitalised* (some4627 (811)30682 (6971)6129 (913)3473 (607)
    hospitalised more than once)
Female, %
    Hospital admissions52.759.749.049.6
    Persons hospitalised53.359.247.950.6
Mean age (SD)
    Hospital admissions76.1 (8.7)74.0 (8.0)72.9 (8.4)72.2 (7.9)
    Persons hospitalised76.3 (8.9)74.0 (8.1)72.7 (8.4)72.1 (8.0)
Median postal code lodging value, $C†
    Hospital admissions36700421004190045000
    Persons hospitalised37300421004200045600
Median of mean DA household income, $C
    Hospital admissions41600439004350044700
    Persons hospitalised41900440004350045300