Table 1

 Descriptive data from the study populations

Swedish data Study of total mortality and myocardial infarction mortalityGerman data
Study of type 2 diabetesStudy of total mortality/myocardial infarction
*Age mean (SD) upon exit. †Age mean in 1995. ‡Income quintiles are defined in the source population of all insured 1987–1996, while diabetes prevalence is based on 1995 data only.
Age47.8* (11.1)Age46.2† (12.8)42.5* (11.8)
    Men49.3 Men67.672.4
    Women50.7  Women32.427.6
Occupational positionOccupational position
    Unclassified10.3 Unclassified25.513.0
    Unskilled workers28.6 Unskilled/semi-skilled41.942.1
    Skilled workers16.3 Skilled manuals19.520.7
    Lower non-manuals15.7 Skilled non-manuals10.417.9
    Upper non-manuals29.1 Intermediate pos/professionals2.76.4
Education levelEducation level
    Unknown or incomplete4.8 Unclassified28.116.6
    Basic (7–9 years)36.5 Max 10 years without apprenticeship29.228.0
    Lower secondary (9–11 years)25.8 9 or 10 years of school and completed apprenticeship38.347.4
    Upper secondary (11–12 years)10.5 13 years of school with or without having completed apprenticeship2.02.9
    University (12+ years)22.5 University2.55.1
    Missing8.6 Unclassified30.7‡29.6
    Lowest 20%18.3 Lowest 20%20.6‡14.7
    Second 20%18.3  Second 20%17.6‡14.6
    Third 20%18.3  Third 20%13.6‡14.2
    Fourth 20%18.3  Fourth 20%10.4‡14.2
    Highest 20%18.3  Highest 20%7.1‡12.7