Table 4

 Models 3: β estimates, standard errors, t ratio, and p value for each of the gender (women compared with men) by area level variable interactions in multilevel logistic regression analyses of poor self rated health*, Tasmanian healthy communities study 1998

EstimateSEt ratiop value
*Age, sex, marital status, smoking, occupation, income, education. †β coefficients for the area×sex term in the regression models.
SE disadvantage0.0110.0170.650.510
Neighbourhood integration−0.0100.028−0.360.723
Neighbourhood alienation0.0650.0322.030.042
Neighbourhood safety−0.0570.025−2.280.023
Political participation−0.5060.196−2.580.010
Social trust0.0430.0251.720.083
Trust in public/private institutions0.0230.0240.960.335