Table 1

 Social role history groups

Multiple rolesWomen married once and still married at age 53. Mothers, with relatively strong ties to the labour market. About half of the women in this group entered the labour market after age 26.
ChildlessDid not have children. A little under half were unmarried. Strong ties to the labour market.
HomemakersFull time homemakers at three or four of the four ages of data collection. Married mothers.
Lone mothersMost were lone mothers as the result of a divorce or separation. Only seven were never married and even fewer were widows. Two thirds had relatively strong ties to the labour market. The remaining third were equally split between the Homemaker employment pattern and that of Intermittent employed married mothers.
Remarried mothersLone mothers who remarried by the age of 53. Employment patterns nearly identical to that of Lone mothers.
Intermittent employed married mothersFamily roles same as Multiple roles group. Employed two of the four ages of data collection, so labour market ties not as strong as Multiple role women and not as weak as Homemakers.