Table 1

 Characteristics of persons age 18 or older residing in the 98 MMSAs by MMSA level poverty rate, USA, 2002

MMSA characteristicsICCMMSA level poverty rate
MMSA, metropolitan or micropolitan statistical areas; ICC, intraclass correlation (expressed as percentage).
Number of MMSAs4751
Number of persons5933659301
Median (min–max) number of person in the MMSAs1098 (501–4024)881 (505–4598)
Individual level characteristics
Age (years)
Household income
    Less than $250004.018.324.7
    $75000 or more3.323.917.4
Educational attainment
    Less than high school6.87.010.7
    High school graduate/GED1.527.630.3
    More than high school2.065.459.0
    Unable to work3.23.04.6
Race/Hispanic ethnicity
    White, non-Hispanic20.180.873.1
    African American non-Hispanic24.87.211.1
    Other race, non-Hispanic10.27.57.8
% Female0.058.960.4
% Having trouble getting medical care2.74.86.4
% Uninsured5.69.112.5
% Current smoker0.920.222.5