Table 3

 Summary of Original Chair’s text and FCTC outcome

ArticlesChair’s text (INB1)Japan TobaccoJapanese governmentFCTC Final Text 2003
Packaging and labelling: use of “light and “mild”Ban on terms such as “light” and “mild”No ban on terms “light” and “mild”Appropriate measures that terms such as “light” and “mild” do not convey impression tobacco is less harmful.Labelling does not promote a false, misleading, or erroneous impression that may include terms such as “light” or “mild”.
Health warningInclude a pictogramMay include a pictogramMay be in pictograms
Advertising, sponsorship, and promotionStrict restrictionsNo total banAppropriate restrictionsA comprehensive ban or restrictions
Vending machinesProhibit vending machines in locations accessible to minorsNo banAppropriate measures to strictly restrict the access of minors as determined by domestic lawTobacco vending machines are not accessible to minors. Parties may commit to total ban
LiabilityTake legislative action to deal with liability and compensationDelete text on liabilityConsider legislative action
Financial resourcesA voluntary mechanism for financial resourcesDelete textPromote, as appropriate, utilisation of bilateral and multilateral funding