Digimap featurecodes and numbers of coordinates in each

Map data were downloaded in DXF format and hazard lists were extracted using specially written PASCAL programs. Coordinates are specified to one metre precision but OS warns that this is not a meaningful statement of ground accuracy. OS quoted tolerances on their 1:250 000 printed maps, derived from these data, suggest maximum ground errors of 25 metres for points and vertices (0.1 mm on map) and 50 metres for interpolations (0.2 mm). Mean errors are probably around 20 metres.
Bus/coach stations(direct map reading)455
OS bus stations(direct map reading)302
Railway stations55202531
A class roads5330,5332,5333,5335146943
B class roads5340,5342,5343,5345164227
Minor roads >4 m wide5350382817
Minor roads <4 m wide5405481880
River, main, lower521315505
Other rivers5211,5212,5221,5222,5230857107