Table 2

 Adjusted hazard ratios for effect of covariates on 10 year survival*

VariableHR†95% CIp Value
*Local government area (with 24 levels) not shown. Referent categories for adjusted hazard ratios are sex male, age group 70–74, dwelling community, cognitive impairment no, self rated health excellent/very good, smoking status never. †Hazard ratios adjusted for other covariates.
Sex, female0.620.52 to 0.73<0.001
Age group 75–791.671.32 to 2.11<0.001
Age group 80–842.652.12 to 3.33<0.001
Age group 85+4.233.37 to 5.30<0.001
Dwelling residential aged care1.361.09 to 1.710.008
Number of morbid conditions1.091.03 to 1.160.006
Cognitive impairment yes1.651.38 to 1.98<0.001
Self rated health good1.261.06 to 1.500.009
Self rated health fair/poor1.491.24 to 1.78<0.001
Smoking status former1.140.97 to 1.340.117
Smoking status current2.001.56 to 2.56<0.001