Table 4

 Summary of correlations between mortality and public services, before and after adjustments*

Male working age mortalityFemale working age mortality
Unadjusted expendituresRelative servicesUnadjusted expendituresRelative services
*All expenditure categories adjusted for wages and population, some categories also adjusted for specific workload factors. For details, see appendix. Embolded cells show that after adjustment, the correlation changed from no relation (NR) to a negative (−ve) or positive (+ve) relation, or vice versa.
Total expenditures/services−ve−ve−ve−ve
Primary/secondary education−ve−ve−ve−ve
Higher education−ve−ve−ve−ve
Public welfare NR −ve NR −ve
Health and hospitalsNRNRNRNR
Highways −ve NR −ve NR
Police and corrections NR −ve NRNR
Environment and housing−ve−ve NR −ve
Interest on debtNRNRNRNR
General government admininstration−ve−ve NR −ve