Table 1

 Example of workload factors and wage adjustments: primary and secondary education*

JurisdictionWorkload variables and weights“Representative” total expenditures per capita ($)Actual total expenditures per capita ($)Index of variation in services provided (USA = 100)
Source: Rafuse.24 *See appendix for breakdown of workload factors used in the calculation of services indices for other expenditure categories.
Elementary school age share of population (%) (weight 0.6)Secondary school age share of population(%) (weight 1.0)Children in poverty share of population (%) (weight 0.25)Index of wage levels(%)(Estimates derived from factors (a)−(d))(Actual expenditures (f) as a percentage of representative expenditures (e))
USA average11.995.855.67100.0644.14644.14100.0