Table 4

 Regression coefficients for treatment indicators

IndicatorsPayment quality (%)Delivered quality (%)
Regression coefficient*p ValueRegression coefficient*p Value
CHD, coronary heart disease; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
*Reflects the effect of a one-point increase in the percentage of patients receiving state benefits on the grounds of low income on the percentage of patients achieving the indicator. There is a 40.9-point range in the deprivation measure, and 90% of practices lie in a 30-point range.
CHD—on aspirin or equivalent0.010.780.030.2
CHD—on β-blocker−0.060.21−0.14<0.001
CHD—had influenza vaccination−0.17<0.001−0.31<0.001
Stroke—had influenza vaccination−0.090.05−0.09<0.001
Diabetes—had influenza vaccination0.090.03−0.14<0.001
COPD—had influenza vaccination0.020.59−0.31<0.001