Table 1

 General description of the population (in percentages). Catalonia health survey, 2002

Non-manual n = 581Manual n = 893Non-manual n = 520Manual n = 478
Non-manual workers includes managerial and senior technical staff, freelance professionals, intermediate occupations, managers in commerce, and skilled non-manual workers; manual workers includes skilled, partly skilled, and unskilled manual workers.
Poor mental health status6.76.812.913.8
Job satisfaction
    Very satisfied21.313.225.211.7
    Very dissatisfied0.
Type of contract
    Fixed term temporary contract10.620.418.827.8
    Non-fixed term temporary contract3.
    No contract0.
Marital status
    Married or cohabiting68.058.152.759.5
    Previously married3.
Living with children at home53.445.440.245.8
Mean age (SD)39.4 (11.0)36.0 (12.5)35.2 (10.3)35.7 (11.9)