Table 2

 Regression coefficients for process indicators

IndicatorsPayment quality (%)Delivered quality (%)
Regression coefficient*p ValueRegression coefficient*p Value
CHD, coronary heart disease; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s.
*Reflects the effect of a one-point increase in the percentage of patients receiving state benefits on the grounds of low income on the percentage of patients achieving the indicator. There is a 40.9-point range in the deprivation measure, and 90% of practices lie in a 30-point range.
CHD—smoking status recorded−0.010.61−0.010.56
Stroke—smoking status recorded0.010.530.010.53
Hypertension—smoking status recorded0.
Diabetes—smoking status recorded0.
COPD—smoking status recorded0.07<0.0010.07<0.001
CHD—blood pressure recorded−0.07<0.001−0.09<0.001
Stroke—blood pressure recorded−0.030.18−0.030.03
Hypertension—blood pressure recorded0.
Diabetes—blood pressure recorded0.
CHD—cholesterol recorded−0.100.01−0.11<0.001
Stroke—cholesterol recorded0.050.330.050.76
Diabetes—cholesterol recorded0.07<0.0010.010.64
Diabetes—retinal screening recorded0.070.17−0.52<0.001
Diabetes—peripheral pulses recorded0.130.02−0.170.01
Diabetes—neuropathy testing recorded0.130.03−0.180.01
Diabetes—creatinine recorded0.040.20−0.030.40
COPD—diagnosis by spirometry0.32<0.001−0.35<0.001
COPD—record of recent FEV10.35<0.001−0.45<0.001