Table 1

 Mean roof level annual NO2 concentration (and standard deviation, SD) in μg/m3 by mean income, divided into eight classes

NO2 exposure at residenceNO2 exposure at school
According to building specific income
1st class (lowest income)20.73.619.32.4
2nd class19.33.418.62.8
3rd class19.12.918.52.8
4th class18.
5th class18.53.717.73.4
6th class17.
7th class16.
8th class (highest income)
According to neighbourhood income
1st class (lowest income)21.82.619.71.2
2nd class20.31.919.52.2
3rd class19.22.418.71.9
4th class19.
5th class17.94.617.24.3
6th class17.
7th class16.03.416.03.4
8th class (highest income)13.52.613.72.7