Table 2

 Odds of IHD in Scotland relative to England

Model stepRisk factors adjusted for (list is cumulative)*Odds of IHD Associated with Scottish respondents95% CIModel R2
*The table rows mimic the sequence of risk factor addition—that is, in step 3, social class and employment status were added to a model already containing country of origin, age, and sex.
1Country of origin (unadjusted model)1.621.302.020.01
2Age, sex1.641.312.040.10
3Social class, employment status1.581.261.980.13
4Exercise, smoking, waist-hip ratio, alcohol1.541.221.940.17
5Total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, fibrinogen, C reactive protein, diastolic and systolic blood pressure, breathlessness, wheeze, phlegm1.501.171.920.26