Table 1

 MONICA populations, weather station locations, years of data available for analysis, mean daily age and sex standardised rate of coronary events per 100000, and daily temperature and humidity

MONICA PopulationWeather station location and source*YearsMean daily CHD rateDaily temperature (°C)Humidity (%)Mean
MeanSD% Missing
Populations are listed in order of mean daily temperature. All statistics are based on the daily results for the years specified. CHD, coronary heart disease; NA, not available. *NCDC, National Climatic Data Center, USA; BADC, British Atmospheric Data Centre; FMI, Finnish Meteorological Institute; MET, Met Office; MSC, Meteorological Service of Canada; SNMI, Spanish National Metereological Institute; HVRF, Hunter Valley Research Foundation. †Coronary event rates combined across MONICA populations.
Northern SwedenHaparanda, NCDC1985–95 (11 years)1.71.510.6075.6
North Karelia, FinlandJoensuu, FMI1983–92 (10 years)2.73.311.3075.3
Kuopio, FinlandKuopio, FMI1983–92 (10 years)2.33.711.1077.8
IcelandReykjavik, NCDC1981–94 (14 years)
Moscow, Russia†Moscow, NCDC1985–93 (9 years)2.75.510.50.177.8
Turku/Loimaa, FinlandTurku/Loimaa, FMI1983–92 (10 years)
Halifax, CanadaShearwater, MSC1984–93 (10 years)
Kaunas, LithuaniaKaunas, NCDC1983–92 (10 years)
Gothenburg, SwedenGothenburg, NCDC1984–94 (11 years)
Augsburg, GermanyMunich, NCDC1985–94 (10 years)
Bremen, GermanyBremen, NCDC1985–92 (8 years)
Belfast, UKMalone, MET1983–90 (8 years)
Czech RepublicPrague, BADC1990–93 (4 years)
Vaud/Fribourg, SwitzerlandPayerne, BADC1990–93 (4 years)
East GermanyDresden, NCDC1985–93 (9 years)
Ghent and Charleroi, Belgium†Uccle, NCDC1983–92 (10 years)2.810.36.5075.6
Strasbourg, FranceStrasbourg, NCDC1985–93 (9 years)
Beijing, ChinaBeijing, NCDC1984–93 (10 years)0.312.710.90NA
Area Brianza, ItalyMilan, BADC1990–94 (5 years)0.813.18.4077.6
Friuli, ItalyUdine, BADC1990–93 (4 years)0.813.17.8073.1
Toulouse, FranceToulouse, NCDC1985–93 (9 years)0.713.46.9065.6
Stanford, CA, USARedwood City, NCDC1980–92 (13 years)1.615.44.80NA
Catalonia, SpainGranollers, SNMI1985–94 (10 years)0.615.56.40.470.4
Newcastle, AustraliaNewcastle, HVRF1985–90 (6 years)1.723.04.60.1NA