Table 5

 (A) Risk for shoulder-neck pain in relation to mechanical and psychosocial exposure among occupationally active men between 45 and 64 years old in the Malmö shoulder and neck study

NumberNumber of casesOne year cumulative incidenceOdds ratio (95%CI)model 1*Odds ratio (95%CI)model 2†Odds ratio (95%CI)model 3‡Odds ratio (95%CI)model 4¶
Odds ratios are computed from one year cumulative incidence for the different combinations of mechanical exposure and job strain to test for effect modification, and adjusted stepwise for potential confounders. *Adjusted for age. †Adjusted for age, marital status, and country of origin. ‡Adjusted for age, marital status, country of origin, and educational level. ¶Adjusted for age, marital status, country of origin, educational level, and pain from other regions.
No mechanical exposure/ no job strain15671036.61.0 (Reference)1.0 (Reference)1.0 (Reference)1.0 (Reference)
No mechanical exposure/job strain159116.90.96 (0.49, 1.88)0.96 (0.49, 1.89)0.93 (0.47, 1.83)0.91 (0.46, 1.80)
Mechanical exposure/no job strain6979113.12.14 (1.59, 2.88)2.14 (1.59, 2.89)1.93 (1.40, 2.66)1.72 (1.25, 2.39)
Mechanical exposure/job strain1822513.72.25 (1.41, 3.59)2.19 (1.36, 3.52)1.92 (1.17, 3.15)1.64 (0.99, 2.73)