Table 1

 Mean values for Brazilian States 1990–2002 (n = 27)

VariableStatisticYearChange 1990–2002
*Significant difference 1996 compared with 1990 (p<0.05). †Significant difference 2002 compared with 1996 (p<0.05). ‡Significant difference 2002 compared with 1990 (p<0.05). ¶Immunisation coverage may exceed 100%. NA, data not available; ARI, acute respiratory infections.
Infant mortality rate (per 1000 live births)mean49.7136.22*28.91†−20.79‡
Coverage of Family Health Program (%)mean0.001.82*36.06†36.06‡
Households with access to clean water supply (%)mean62.4775.41*82.13†19.66‡
Households with access to sewerage (%)mean39.7347.5754.05†14.32‡
Income per capita (in constant 2001 R$)mean284.26307.58323.7239.46
Female illiteracy rate (%)mean22.1116.94*13.60†−8.51‡
Fertility (average number children per woman)mean3.352.75*2.40†−0.95‡
Physicians per 10000 populationmean0.820.97*1.07†0.25‡
Hospital beds per 1000 populationmean3.063.012.40†−0.65‡
Nurses per 10000 populationmean2.313.01*4.74†2.42‡
Proportionate mortality from diarrhoea (% of all deaths of children under 5 years)mean12.277.32*4.83†−7.44‡
Proportionate mortality from ARI (% of all deaths of children under 5 years)mean9.487.44*5.32†−3.49‡
Immunisation coverage (TB)¶ (% of children under 5)meanNA104.68113.01†13.27†
Immunisation coverage (measles)¶ (% of children under 5)meanNA76.1096.59†20.49†