Table 3

 Results of the different analyses performed with the data of the RCT in which corticosteroid injections and physiotherapy were compared with wait and see policy for lateral epicondilytis

Odds ratio/hazard ratio95% CIp Value
Naive techniques
Logistic regression (odds ratio)
    Injection0.520.21 to 1.250.14
    Physiotherapy1.970.67 to 5.820.22
Traditional Cox regression (hazard ratio)
    Injection3.922.60 to 5.91<0.01
    Physiotherapy1.420.98 to 2.050.06
Longitudinal techniques
Cox regression for recurrent events (hazard ratio)
    Counting approach
    Injection1.371.17 to 1.59<0.01
    Physiotherapy1.211.03 to 1.430.02
    Total time approach
    Injection1.381.18 to 1.61<0.01
    Physiotherapy1.211.03 to 1.430.02
    Time to event approach
    Injection1.731.42 to 2.11<0.01
    Physiotherapy1.311.06 to 1.620.01
GEE analysis (odds ratio)
    Injection2.881.93 to 4.30<0.01
    Physiotherapy1.631.10 to 2.43<0.01
Random coefficient analysis (odds ratio)
    Injection6.013.73 to 9.70<0.01
    Physiotherapy1.841.16 to 2.94<0.01