Table 1

 Individual level variables used as adjustment factors in regression models for healthcare utilisation, France, 1998 and 2000

*This is the reference category in the models. †A list of diseases was provided to participants to assist in their reporting. Physicians from the CREDES completed the list for each person on the basis of their prescription drug use and their consultations with health professionals. Dental conditions were excluded. ‡Occupational status was defined according to the French list of professions and social categories published by the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies.50 §Household income was adjusted for household size.
AgeLess than 30*; 30–44; 45–59; 60–74; 75 and older
SexMale*; female
Marital statusMarried or living with partner*; single; divorced; widowed
Self rated health (on a scale From 0 to 10)Low score (from 0 to 6)*; medium-low score (equal to 7); medium-high score (equal to 8); high score (equal to 9 or 10)
Number of diseases†0*; 1 or 2; 3 or 4; more than 4
Educational achievement levelPrimary school or less*; secondary school; university; student
Occupational status‡Unskilled blue collar worker*; skilled blue collar worker; lower level white collar worker; mid-level position; upper level white collar worker
Employment statusWorking*; unemployed; other
Household income per capita§First quartile*; second quartile; third quartile; fourth quartile
Health insurance statusBasic insurance only*; supplementary insurance; payments waived for medical reasons or because of poverty