Table 4

 Association between neighbourhood based SES and outcome of first AMI hospitalisation in Rome, 1998–2000

Area based deprivation statusMenWomenAll
RiskAdjusted95% CIRiskAdjusted95% CIRiskAdjusted95% CI
N = 8000. The reference category is deprivation status 1. Risks are crude absolute risks. Odds ratios and hazard ratios are adjusted for gender, age (as a continuous variable), and selected comorbidities (diabetes, hypertension, COPD, peripheral vascular disease, arrhythmia, conduction disorders, heart failure, angina/other ischaemic heart disease). *Odds ratio reported from logistic regression. †Adjusted for comorbidities diagnosed either at the index event or in the preceding three years. ‡Adjusted for comorbidities diagnosed in the preceding three years. §Hazard ratio reported from Cox multivariate analysis of survival time. ¶Adjusted for PTCA. Crude absolute risks, adjusted odds ratios (OR)/hazard ratios (HR) and 95% confidence intervals (95% CI).
1 (privileged)
4 (deprived)9.00.750.561.015.10.830.451.537.80.770.590.99
p value trend0.050.140.02
Short term fatality*‡
1 (privileged)13.71.0017.51.0014.81.00
4 (deprived)10.80.910.691.1918.51.350.941.9413.21.040.841.29
p value trend0.570.050.47
First year fatality†§¶
1 (privileged)
4 (deprived)
p value trend0.150.460.12
Rehospitalisation for AMI (1 year)†§¶
1 (privileged)
4 (deprived)
p value trend0.590.670.46
Rehospitalisation for other cardiac cause (1 year)†§¶
1 (privileged)16.31.0016.11.0016.31.00
4 (deprived)15.60.930.741.1717.50.990.681.4216.20.940.771.14
p value trend0.480.540.73