Table 2

 Distribution of 2.5 year old children in Quebec longitudinal study of child development (QLSCD 1998–2002) according to the mother’s characteristics (n = 1946)

Mother’s characteristics%95% CI
*Coefficient of variation between 15% and 25%; data should be interpreted with caution. The coefficient of variation is a measure of dispersion of the data around the mean. It is the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean of a distribution. It does not have any metric and is usually expressed in percentage. Large coefficients of variation indicate a large dispersion of data around the mean and a loss of accuracy of the mean estimate (BMDP Statistical Software, Los Angeles, 1990).
Mother’s age when the child was 5 months old
under 203.32.4 to 4.3
20 to 3482.480.6 to 84.2
35 or more14.312.6 to 16.1
Mother’s education when the child was 5 months old
Partial or completed college or university studies60.558.1 to 62.9
High school or vocational or trade school diploma22.020.0 to 24.0
No high school diploma17.515.6 to 19.4
Presence of a partner when the child is 2.5 years
Lives with a partner87.385.5 to 89.0
Lives without a partner12.711.0 to 14.5
Mother’s immigration status when the child was 5 months old
Non-immigrant or European immigrant88.386.6 to 90.0
Non-European immigrant11.710.0 to 13.4
Mother’s employment status when the child is 2.5 years
Homemaker44.041.7 to 46.3
Worker52.850.4 to 55.1
Student2.0*1.4 to 2.8
Other1.2*0.8 to 1.8
Mother’s height
<33rd centile25.923.8 to 28.0
33–66th centile40.237.9 to 42.5
>66th centile33.931.7 to 36.1