Table 2

 Organisational downsizing and relative risk of disability pension from all causes

Extent of downsizingNumber of participants (%)Number of cases (%)Hazard ratios (95% confidence intervals)
Age and sex adjustedFully adjusted*
HR95% CIHR95% CI
Reductions in personnel were less than 8% for participants with no downsizing, 8%–18% for participants with minor downsizing, and over 18% for participants with major downsizing. *Adjusted for age in five year categories, sex, occupational status, type of employment contract, and town.
No6839 (36)53 (24)1.001.00
Minor8370 (43)110 (49)1.761.27 to 2.441.461.02 to 2.08
Major4038 (21)60 (27)2.131.47 to 3.081.811.22 to 2.70
p for trend<0.0010.004
Interaction with sex0.3450.212
Interaction with occupational status0.1140.074