Table 2

 Percentages of participants with three and more symptoms by categories of the combined exposure variable

NumberParticipants with three and more symptomsNumberParticipants with three and more symptoms
Number n = 3724% (31.1)Number n = 3372% (33.4)
The p values in bold type are below 0.025 (Bonferoni adjustment) ; all p values result from Pearson’s χ2 test.
Combined exposure downsizing/work stress
No downsizing No work stress8012181922.77028172124.5
Yes downsizing No work stress87929633.760323238.5
No downsizing Yes work stress2253111549.5184199053.8
Yes downsizing Yes work stress82149460.262742968.4
p value ⩽ 0.001 0.001