Table 1

 Indicators of child health by child age group

Child health outcomes1 year olds (n = 1953)8 year olds(n = 954)
–, Outcome not measured for age group. †Life threatening illness since birth was measured for the 1 year old children, and in the past three years for the 8 year old children. ‡Anthropological measurements were missing for seven children. *p⩽0.05, **p⩽0.01, ***p⩽0.001 based on Pearson’s χ2 test for categorical, and t test for continuous variables.
Health outcomes reported by mother
Acute health outcomes
    % had illness in past 24 hours17.4
    % illness in two weeks before the survey33.2
Long term health outcomes
    % life threatening event since birth/in past three years†13.310.4
    % having long term health problems14.3
    % probable case of mental ill health21.5
Nutritional outcomes measured on child n = 1946‡ n = 954
    mean weight for age z score−1.29−1.55
    mean height for age z score−1.03−1.42