Table 4

 Ecological level multivariable linear regression results for middle aged (45–64 years old) female mortality in the 150 sub-regions of Hungary (n = 150)

βSEtpAdjusted R2
Model 1 With female SES variables
Female education−3.50.87−4.00.0009.0
Excluded variables: female income and female SSS
Model 2 With male SES variables
Male education−3.81.1−3.50.0016.9
Excluded variables: male SSS and male income0.000
Model 3 With male and female SES variables 0.035
Female education−3.1170.880−3.5400.0019.0
Male SSS−1.7470.824−2.1190.03611.1
Excluded variables: male education and income, female income and SSS