Table 1

 Descriptive statistics of the male and female socioeconomic characteristics in the 150 Hungarian sub-regions according to Hungarostudy 2002 (sub-regional average, minimal, maximal values, and standard deviations)

Education was measured by the highest education grade on a six level score (from less than primary to university level), personal income with eight categories (from 50000 forints or less to 500000 forints or more per month. Subjective social status (SSS) was measured by the 10 rungs ladder scale.
Male education3.280.362.304.31
Female education3.200.452.334.93
Male income1.620.261.052.83
Female income1.300.170.971.91
Male SSS3.880.482.415.25
Female SSS3.740.522.105.14