Table 3

 Estimated mean self assessed health and 95% confidence intervals by occupational class from the growth curve models of self assessed health 1991–2001

(A) Full sample(B) Stable sample
Person yearsMean SAH95% CIPerson yearsMean SAH95% CI
*For a 40 year old in the year 1996. Estimated by summing the parameters for the intercept, year 1996 and occupational class given in table A1. SAH, self assessed health.
Managerial and professional occupations167713.993.94 to 4.05142304.073.98 to 4.15
Intermediate occupations73303.943.88 to 4.0055573.983.88 to 4.07
Small employers and own account workers51533.923.86 to 3.9942883.963.86 to 4.06
Lower supervisory and technical occupations49293.903.83 to 3.9633613.853.73 to 3.96
Semi-routine and routine occupations147373.833.79 to 3.87124163.693.63 to 3.75