Table 3

 Acute effects on premature deaths of extra PM10 within 20 km of the proposed facility

Cause of deathAgeSource of exposure-effect estimateDeaths brought forward by operation of facility per annum
Number per yearNumber in 30 yearsAs % of baseline
APHEA, short term effects of air pollution on health: European approach. NMMAPS, national mortality and morbidity air pollution study. COMEAP, Committee on Medical Effects of Air Pollution. COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Total non-traumaticAllLondon0.0180.550.00006
Combined APHEA and NMMAPS, 20020.0300.910.0001
APHEA (distributed lag)0.0972.910.0003
COPD + asthma⩾65London0.00780.230.0005