Table 5

 Results of Poisson regression analysis predicting number of visits to a medical doctor in 2000

Estimatet ValueCorrected t valueFinal p value
SOC, sense of coherence. *Recent stressful life event experienced in the 12 months before 2000. Dispersion parameter for Poisson family taken to be 1. Null deviance: 36056.32 with 6504 degrees of freedom. Residual deviance: 28202.07 with 6498 degrees of freedom.
Physician visits in 19980.0586.8541.75<0.01
SOC in 1998 (centred)−0.01−12.98−6.24<0.01
Age (years)0.0127.8413.39<0.01
Sex (referent: male)0.118.974.31<0.01
RLE* in 2000 (yes/no)0.3021.9910.57<0.01
SOC in 1998 (centred) by RLE in 2000−0.002−2.341.130.26