Table 3

 Difference in self reported health status assessed in 2000 across presence or absence of a RLE in the 12 months before 2000 for groups defined as above or below the mean SOC score measured in 1998

SOC* categoryRLE† categorySRH‡95% CI of the difference
MeanMean differenceLower boundUpper bound
*Sense of coherence assessed in 1998. †Recent stressful life event experienced in the 12 months before 2000. ‡Self rated health status assessed in the 2000. §Equal variances assumed (Levene’s test for equality of variances not significant).
Below mean§None (n = 1772)2.500.240.160.32
One or more (n = 948)2.26
Above mean§None (n = 3003)2.770.04−0.040.11
One or more (n = 793)2.73